The summary of how things happened


One of the recycling exercises is one of the year's closures, as well as trying to find out what the motions will identify in the following year, try to find out what The elements that highlighted things in the year that are; finished. That is, to verify what events, movements and news have a direct impact on what companies are doing; do and what they need to do in the future.

Find out what's the most important moments, which will market-making and that the marketing and advertising strategy of the companies will not have a permanent impact. There are many things that happen and many of them do crossing the population, but of what has happened it is possible that these are the elements that will have a more permanent impact.

Facebook and its reputation

Although YouTube's imagination was in 2018 with its new accidents and accidents, this great tour was not celebrated this year (just 2017) but Facebook. Facebook has held a historic year in reputation and has a potential impact over those months. Facebook is unlikely to be free from the effects of the incident in the aftermath after eating the vinegar.

This all started at the beginning of the year, when the Cambridge Analytica screen was discovered. A company, which is a & n; Specializing in data analysis and closing in the middle of the page; criticized, gathered information used by Facebook to explain political marketing campaigns. Growing and growing the screen, Mark Zuckerberg seated inside the US Assembly to protect his company and has created a crest of brutal courage on Facebook (although the social network will continue to be removed without many publicitarian problems).

Last delivery was a couple of weeks ago, when TNew York Times It appeared as the company had been in & # 39; famous emergency management and communication (very badly, in short time, and using dirty plays), which was a lofty not only in the image of his / her; company but also in its personal brand, Mark Zuckerberg, and his COO, Sheryl Sandberg.

Facebook and death of organic access

The image of a Facebook page means that the other issues that the company has been on; A fantastic star star, when marketing and advertising are very important (even in a particular way – in terms of direct impact – they are bigger). Facebook has reached a frightening day (more or less). The social networking of the social network has died.

Facebook published new rules in January as long as content was in place. After launching several changes that imposed a penalty of customs that had been done; Many of the brands and media in the social network are popular, now they went straight and they did not have hot clothes. In January, the social network indicated that it would prioritize the content of friends and family across the media and the pages, That's what they were – protecting them – the social network users wanted to see. The problem was; , one of them coming to an end, Facebook had been taken before they lost an attractiveness; get.

The effects on the brutal pages, at an irritation rate of organic access. So in that way, in the following months, they mentioned the closure of online media leaders who can not live in traffic drops.

Between both, videos are also the responsibility for online media that have made the success of the social network. They had stopped being the brilliant key for arriving at a millionaire audience.

European data protection law

When the year 2000 began, everyone expected that there was bad luck, and sink, something. The problem of the 2000 name affected, the media and the analysts decreased in the months before the change was changed until the year. The computers were not ready for a thousand years, they said, and they were going to stop working on a 31st night. It was historic. The day came on one of January and nothing happened. The world did not finish in any way.

Something like that can be done by the European data protection law, which made all the alarms and the fears in the weeks before it came to fruition (if you talk to some marketing staff in those days of the companies they said they did not sleep with a lot of direct work) and for this moment it was not falling down (without which they can not access your American media and online source from Europe).

The RGPD / GDPR came into force in the European Union in May, giving consumers more access and more control of their personal data. The companies needed to change it and change its rules and conditions. For a couple of weeks, they only fill mail and email users mail boxes to verify and inform (and submit the users to & # 39; grow in).

Very television year

The television argument is not just new. In the United States, they have been suffering for a while now and have been in & # 39; affecting the growth of the "chord cut" for a few years now. In Europe, television makers made the opinion that this was not yet with them. It is impossible to continue to believe it is true.

2018 is a year in which the television argument is not just a & # 39; becoming more evident, but also where it is clear that it affects television with audiences of all kinds (not only that they are lost in thousands and members of Generation Z) but also the checks that start to & # 39; indicates that it is faster than expected. The coup de grace was given by a survey by Zenith, which showed that more time on the internet by 2019 would be more than watching television. The global change will be.

Crisis in Apple

Apple, a queen of technology and company companies that made people have a " waiting for each new iPhone (as big as it was not as different from the previous model) as a big news of the year, missing his magic.

In their final shows they confirmed they did not expect them in the Christmas campaign: the sales range the company hoped to close during the campaign was going to be a long time ago. lower than the surveyors who thought it would be. Add to that that they did not stop going to & # 39; Provide measurements for specific materials, something that experts read as proof that they expect those numbers to be even worse. The sales figures are defined because Apple has stopped being seen as & # 39; so new and lost it as a sign of cool.

In recent days, Apple has lost its historic value in the stock market and has been the most valuable technology company in the world. Indeed, there has been a shift that would have been amazing after a few years ago. Apple has been running with Microsoft. Now, they are the most valuable in the technology market.

The progress, growth and fall of the influenza

The emigrant's life has expanded and died this year. He has been away from being a major solution to all difficulties, with some of the pounds, as the same thing is being questioned over the months.

The story is about how to grow, to affect it and its # 39; overcoming the people who may be affected quickly. Given the issues and problems that could be done in & # 39; connecting to their listeners, the people who were influencing their & # 39; as an answer to the message. They let out the problems that the algorithms put into the social network motto, they saw more credit and close proximity to the users and also had very good access and communication data. The brands saw the sky open and began to promise them.

But the sudden influences began to appear in everywhere (tree attackers fell!), In particular a profile that just wanted to make money and cheap things Get free from everything without going to & # 39; value, and pollution to & # 39; market, as shown by the expansion in the purchase of fans and participation. So the influenza was brought to an end.

Encourage the internal and general crisis of the groups

Not only does the emergence affect new things, but also those that have been resolved for a long time. The agencies, not one of the elements that are back in their work in marketing and advertising and who are doing it. dating back to centuries, received a positive year in 2018.

They are in general crisis, as it is increasingly difficult to show them why they are valuable and the need; for them, but also to compete with new players who have been going to & # 39; do their own market. Among the new competitors one stands above all. These are the emerging, up-to-date agencies within large companies and who are responsible for doing so. do what the previous outside did. Companies want to be more cost effective and also faster, and also have more control over things.

Politics have gone into the game

It is not our duty to make a political summary of the year, but companies have no choice but to find, read and write; make decisions about it. And in recent years the policy was something in the background and that the news was something that had influenced companies in their marketing strategy, has now begun.

2018 is a year in which politics has entered the game merchant to live. Customers want companies to stand and show clearly who they are, so talk. Nike's case and his controversial news with Colin Kaepernick is the best example of things that are similar to the new ground in which they need to move.

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