The teacher uses the Thanos phrase to warn students during the News test


There is nothing left for goats to go on a holiday, that is, the time of the ultimate / incredible final exams, situations where both students and teachers meet for the last time in front of the exams.

And assuming it's the final moments; In them, some have their own "freedom" to be funny and ingenuous. So he met with a professor, and his final confirmation of the English language had been a viral after turning to Thanos, the accused "Avengers: Infinity War", "students" be encouraged.

"For peace and balance in the course, a half must have a failure," he says at the end of the test next to the trap of genuine titans; Marvel battlefield, eliminating half of the population from the world in the last part of the saga.

Along with the "risk", the teacher asks his students to show people that they are entitled to "live" by " get well on the test.

The test message gave a number of ideas on social networks and among fans of the Marvel Avengers, who had no doubt to respond to the creativity of the teacher with some of the issues; phrases that describe the movie.

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