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The Tesla Roadster uses rockets to navigate in the air

It's not a joke. Elon Musk is good and does not lament us. In his Twitter account, he has opened up an innovation that will include the Tesla Roadster when it is launched on its " market, which comes directly from Spaceospace knowledge of SpaceX. Again I report, it's not a joke. Elon Musk will take action optional "SpaceX" package in the electronic sports car, which includes ultra-emergency air compensators, with which it will be; accelerate and turn through the loop. He has confirmed that he can even carry a heap into the air a few centimeters from the ground. How do you say?

Everything started with an exciting Twitter show, in which the "Back to the Future" DMD-12 DeLorean DMC-12 features a & # 39; sailing in the air. In fact, it's a science fiction car that's not a bit; He can never do such a thing in fact.

But Elon Musk says that Your Roadster is capable of doing it.

And as he responded to Twitter, this will be the result of a series of impellers on tight air, is designed in the image and appearance of the system used in the Falcon 9 rocket to emphasize its fuel tanks – to keep their shape throughout the trip. Remembering the previous tweets of Elon Musk, we remembering that he was saying the Roadster in June "Optional SpaceX" folder with up to 10 small rockets ". These ten drivers will be distributed to cars, helping to accelerate or slow down, as well as improve your loop way.

The dynamic scenes that the system that brings on this aerodynamic pilot system – as I have done – is a wet dream for any sports car manufacturers.

The drivers of this system will be fed ultra-aquatic air, stored in a tank located in the back seat area – investment built in connection with kevlar, metal and carbon fiber. This investment is made on its & # 39; the common ferry (COPV) and in this NASA paper, you can know about its work, if you want to enter your knowledge. It is important to be aware that the system is using tight air, and there is no fuel – Musk wants the car to remain electric, not a dangerous cross between Falcon 9 rocket and turn.

Musk says that the SpaceX folder is optional Developing the extraordinary acceleration of the Tesla Roadster, capable of making 0 to 96 km / h in just 1.9 seconds. In addition, it is possible to move the car to the ground, we think for a few fingers. This activity will be a purely device, just created a device and for the show. In fact, the unbelievable questions of the system did not come long, and Musk responded in a unique way: "I do not believe that the law has been looking at this situation. For a while it is lawful".

If Musk has been able to launch Tesla Roadster in Mars, I can believe that it is possible to achieve "rockets" in a street car.

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