The voodoo victim: an investigation of the Supreme who studied Elgueta for pressure on a procurator fiscal and judge | Higher. T

A minister who was deferred for the Rancagua Appeal Court, Emilio Elgueta, who retired from Grand Lodge in Chile, unanimously decided to allow the judge immediately with a "Call". of Masonic Quality ".

The decision came after his attack on his office on Wednesday, 27 March, culminating in a remarkable representation of the devil, demographic figures, candles and a statue of a Supreme Court.

According to sources Live Radiothe photograph taken would include Gabriela Pérez, who explored Elgueta when they gave him permission to warn a procurator fiscal and judge in the process of unfriendly violence.

The old minister has been retired and in a wheelchair due to ill health problems after retirement from the tallest court in the country.

Emiliano Elgueta
Emiliano Elgueta

His office register in Rancagua Court had the purpose of finding that people had been found on behalf of the administrative and criminal investigation for pirate effects and, apparently, to obtain money from lawyers who had lodged his case. T his court.

In addition to the extraordinary event, the protester of the Procurator Fiscal, Mario Carrera, praised the work of his Justiciary and the Prosecutor's Office in researching the Elgueta judgment. “We had not had evidence before us that there was some kind of opposition to the different measures, as it is the entrance and the office records.

In the same position, the president of the Magistrates' Association, Soledad Piñeiro, called for the authorities to end a bill in order to reform the recruitment system and added value to the work carried out by the organizations. inspections.

“We are continuing the commitment with the invalid reform of a careers system, which allows the room to be reduced by will with the will of separating and doing this work of the civilian work. We are repeating the call to the authorities to see a situation soon and be based on judgment and agreements coming from the agenda, "said Piñeiro.

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