There are fans who believe they've seen Groot in the Avengers training: Endgame


At all costs the fans want to find out or at least access theory that allows them to find out how some of the characters may die Avengers: Infinity War dating back to Marvel Studios ceilidh.

Yes, there are comics that can be answered, how to remove the equipment to return everything to current, but so far no Signs on what they make in this change.

Indeed, the effect of "click Thanos" was as good for some, not even at # 39; Missing someone who wants to look for signs to turn some characters into a cell in the first detector of Avengers: Endgame.

This situation is formally represented by the following tweet, which says that a Groot mark can be seen at one of the lines that includes Tony Stark.

However, the fact is that there is only a piece of the consular inside the Galaxy Guardian's ship and that it will be seen in the previous movie. In addition, the settlement is released immediately, as we must also be aware that Groot has moved on Earth, so it does not make sense that it has gone back from Field and harassment in a place with Stark.

This is all just to remember that the psychological name is called pareidolia, which means "unlucky and punctuating (usually a picture) inception is seen as a known form".

So Groot may have to come back, but that's not where some people think they are seen.

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