There is a Christmas shining! Below is the first time on Steam and Xbox One the next week

Below it was one of the indies Most have given attention to & # 39; the E3 2013 show. Capybara Games, Superbrothers authors: Sword & Sworcery EP (recently debated on Nintendo Switch) and Super Time Force like a spell inside a very dark and dangerous island.

But the game was delayed from time to time without going to #; see a special date. So far, as Capy just announced that it will be launched.

An 14 December 2018 on Steam and Xbox One, the systems you already knew, even if your conservation is not active in the Valve service or in Xbox Live, although your files are available for more information on tourism has been & # 39; waiting for the places that are well-behaved.

To enjoy their last official program while we're going to & # 39; oppose our eyes

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