There was no animation of Tonka Tomicic and Vicuña Benjamin in Paris & # 39; Providing absolute certification of the supporters TV and Exhibition

This Sunday is the ninth version of the expectation Paris Parade, an event in which Santiago's main street is full of music, dance, large balloons and colors to entertain adults and children.

In this 2018 edition, the transposition was dependent on Channel 13, as long as the service was in a position; donated, the television rescuer Tonka Tomicic and the national actress Vicuña Youngest child.

In addition, the singer Denisse Rosenthal She appeared on the stage, and she liked to play her fans with all her songs.

This is a & # 39; The first part was the attention of relatives, who reported each event with the havehtag #ParisParade.

And that is even though Vicuña needed to leave the service for several minutes, and # 39; leaving Tomicic responsible, several internet users said that the animators did not have much "meaning". In addition, they questioned the quality of transit. "Let us know", the biggest expression the animators speak, according to the supporters.

"Tonka is not better than Vicuña", "how much respect they focus more on the animators of the mussels" and "phone post" some of the reagents .

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