There were 53,365 people diagnosed with cancer in 2018

According to the figures presented by the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC), part of the World Health Organization (WHO), in Chile 135,816 people suffering from any of the 36 cancer types is considered by the center.

But also, among the most spectacular information that was published MON, you get that of that number, There are 53,365 cases that respond to a judgment made in 2018, and during the same year, 28,443 people died for this purpose.

Its most popular print, and giving 6,576 new cases; and is followed by colorectal, with 5,914 diagnoses, and chicken, with 5,393 new patients.

The definition is for the first one in a & # 39; the aging of the body: Over the years there are changes that appear in the cells, they will begin to collect methods and when they are enough, cancer will develop, according to Luis Villanueva, president of the Chile Oncology Association.

However, in terms of what more deadly, the doctor explained that those are the ones who manage the list lungs, stomach and colorectal.

One of the reasons is a late judgment, but also some of the reasons, such as lung cancer, present little indications and when these appear, it means that it is- already more advanced and & # 39; affirming other organizations.

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