These are the requirements that an app must perform if it wants to be on Google Play

Simple Play is downloaded on Google Play. Just go to the store, find the name or search the different types and press a green button. This process was 178.1 billion last year in most cases There are 2,560,000 apps available on Google Play.

To find out where they were, they had to spend over 2.5 million applications strings of skirts and meeting Google Play requirements, there are not many. So, to verify what Google is licensing and do not allow Google Play, we will review the instructions that are in place; worrying the content, that is, what the app can offer and what is really banned.

All things are not allowed on Google Play

Google Play

According to Google, Developer Program Policies and Developer Dispensation Agreements are intended to be & # 39; promise "offer The most reliable and innovative applications in the world"and send its shop as a" safe platform and respect. "In order to achieve such a purpose, Google's children needed to create standards to explain what is harmful and unsuitable for users. Its first category is" Inappropriate Content "and its & # 39; extension in the following cases:

  • "Authentic content is obvious: we do not accept applications that include or promote explicit content, such as pornographic, we do not; accept content or services that have a desire to naturally promote enjoyment. "

In this section, Google is included representations of seizure or praise activities or roles, advertising images of erotic toys, productive content and apps that promote prostitution or sexual fault services. Anyway, we're talking about Google Play, not Android so, which's a? means that apps can be installed by other users from other sources through APK.

  • "Promoting prevention: we do not accept claims that trigger violence or hate harassment of people or groups based on race or belief, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, senior military status, sexual orientation, gender identity or other features related to system or border discrimination.
  • Violence: We can not accept applications that represent or display; Helps scenes of disorder or other dangerous activities.

While disturbance is concerned, "graphic or descriptive representations of violent violence" are prohibited, both for humans and animals, as well as apps that encourage personal injury such as disorders of self-kill or eat, among others.

In the "Hate promotion" section, the Great also includes the "Religious content", giving a warning that bidding licenses with "unreasonable, and" hiring "are not allowed. It does not allow anyone who "activates terrorism activities, opposes violence or defines this type of attack". However, apps and content with an educational or non-fictional nature are of a great deal of time and you "" provide enough information so that the user can understand the context ".

  • Amazing events: we do not accept bidding applications; benefit from a natural disaster, conflict, conflict, death or any other difficult event, or which addresses these issues with a reasonably fragile offense.
  • Conflict: we do not accept bidding claims; including barriers or harassment.
  • Hazardous Product: we do not accept bidding applications; help to sell explosives, firearms, weapons or special weapons for a firearm.

In relation to firearms, apps that allow "simulation of auto hunting" are not allowed or convert a firewall to automatically move ", which is unsure that we believe that we have an app in Google Play, and that there is more 10 million downloads. There are even applications with guidance for explosives, weapons, etc.

Also, apps that "do not help or improve illegal actions", for example buying and selling illegal drugs or medication They need ordering. The apps are not managed to cultivate or do a drug process or that is; Encouraging some of these numbers, alcohol or tobacco in minors too.

What rights breach apps do you have?

Apps Download Google Music There are dozens of applications that allow you to download music. Although some include Jamendo content and free song banks, many others have a great deal. Permission to find songs protected by rights.

We all know that there are requests that allow us download music, videos and movies on Android. In fact, simple research is enough to see a long strip. In theory, they are not allowed: "we do not accept applications that prompts or prompts copyright deletion," a & # 39; including local streaming or download apps. However, this does not prevent them from being able to install them from other sources.

Google Apps is not supported on Google Play which means it can not be installed from other sources

There are no apps at all bankruptcy "third party trade marks", what's going from the logo to the word. This guide, then, becomes relevant to & # 39; using cover of music records, video games or books, logos of sport teams, images of public, etc., which are protected by rights. In a few words, Anything that could include a copyright break, irrespective of the type, is banned in particular unless the developer's planning permission is and can be owned.

On minors, bets and cryptocurrencies

Youtube Kids

Google also holds a place for child protection in his advocacy policy, establish that "applications that include content that infringe young people are subject to prompt release of their" Play Game " and preventing the ban from children's adult content with adult content. Google, indeed, gives warning to that delete Google accounts "All users are involved in the distribution of this content" and will inform the relevant authorities.

On the betting games, they can only be found in France, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Apart from these three countries, gambling does not really have money. This includes online casinos, lotteries and sporting games. Again, it affirms that those apps can be downloaded from the bookkeeper's website in an APK format that will be installed.

Gambling can only be held on Google Play French, Irish and Great Britain.

Google also describes the "everyday fun sports applications". It's a good feeling, but they are games where many users have a & n; Creating an imaginative online team (football, for example) with real players and their score depends on the performance of the players in their games. It's something like the Comunio. These games, which say from Google, "they should only be spread in the United States, and you should only have access to this country. "In other countries you must comply with the requirements of gambling.

Ultimately, in terms of tools, Google is disqualifying applications that allow trading closures and mining options to be saved, even though they do not. allowing those who manage mineral activity carefully and away from resources, more well-known as poles.

What about the apps that the content is created by the user?


Although the developers are the ones who decide what they will display in their apps,and many others in which the content is created by users. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Reddit, not going on. Google is defined as "the ones its users make and it is clear that some of the rest of the users are at least" and they can " including text, ideas, images, etc.

For apps that allow this generation of content, Google says that "Not all content that breaks out the policies is incompatible", mentioned above. So an app where your uploaders' photos can not host authentic content or to; inspiring terrorism, for example.

Applications that need to generate content with the user must have simple and compelling tools.

Apple, for example, says that apps can showcase NSFW (Non-Safe for Work) publications as long as they usually fall hidden, but Google does not mention anything about it. In theory, the power of the apps is to define content incompatible in accordance with Google policies, and the distribution must be banned under the terms and conditions of use. Terms and conditions that users need to accept, with the way, before you can upload something with those apps.

Applications of this type should be provide a simple system for reporting and removing content created by the unsuitable user and eliminating or obstructing users who break the policies. In terms of applications flush as Twitch, the unsuitable material should be removed as quickly as possible from, at least for now, you can not print or limit in real time. Interestingly, applications that "create a reputation for maintaining this content" can also be removed from Google Play too.

As you can see, Google's advocacy policy is limited and make sure that Google Play is safe, friendly and suited to all audiences. However, the system can always improve and is far from being perfect. Occasionally, applications that cause spoil damage, viruses can be thrown or thrown out; make any of the above mentioned customs released. In this regard, Google Play Protection has a fundamental role in searching and deleting it.

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