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They look for fossils of the time in which an asteroid struck the face

A team of researchers found in the United States fossils of fish which are specially kept and died 66 million years ago, when the asteroid which braved the poem of the dinosaurs struck to the ground.

Fish fossils and other ancestral animals were discovered It is in the North Dakota area, 3,000 kilometers from the Chicxulub Cellarin the Caribbean, where the asteroid prevailed.

The study, which will be published on Monday in the National Sciences Academy (PNAS) magazine magazine, highlights the degree to which this case has had a devastating and rapid impact on large areas, depending on the scale of the t Robert dePalma's lead author, named by the site. Eurekalert specialized.

"It is the late Cretaceous museum in a series of meters and a half"Mark Richards, another of the authors and professor emeritus of the University of California in Berkeley, said in the centre's recital.

The shaking caused by the effects of the asteroid waves grows in North Dakota's inner ocean, as you would come into a nearby river nearby. a number of fish were waiting, returning at present, according to the recitation.

Torrents fell into rocks and debris was deposited with another wave torn over time.

"Concentrations of fresh water, invertebrates, trees (…) and other sea creatures have been reduced in that part."explained Robert dePalma."

According to the researchers, before they rot the breasts of the fish which were choked by the influence of the sea found in their gills. Some fish died of fact that they had imported these materials.

The biodiversity found on the site is remarkable. "At least several examples of new species and others are the best of their kind"Congratulations to DePalma. t

"We look at immediate registration of one of the most important events in Earth history. There is no other alternative which has such paths"

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