Friday , February 28 2020
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They look for ruined planet deposits which show the future of the Earth

A team of astronauts led by Christopher Manser from the University of Warwick in the UK has discovered the remains of a spoiled planet that has similar features to Earth. According to the research published on Thursday, the results give us the chance to experience the future of our world within millions of years.

The heart of the planet is found and the fleece removed by the hard dash of the white formula, known as SDSS J1228 + 1040. Its second One of the most endless nuclear power plants in the region is the star.

In these circumstances, these situations estimate the performance of the plans when the stars are rising, how the sun rises. This star type runs out of hydrogen fuel, starting to burn elements such as helium and carbon, and then the planets that circulate too close.

"The general consensus is that the solar system of the white plow instead of sun is now between 5,000 and 6,000 million years ago, surrounded by Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the outer planets, asteroids and comets. . " , Manser said in a statement.

The scientists said they were especially watching this white race for 15 years. Furthermore, in identifying the remains, the Canarias Gran Telescopio, which is located in Spain, was used as a new method of examining a spectrum of radiation from intranet.

This absent body is 400 years away and is thought to be made up of heavy metals such as iron and nickel, which helped it break down the whole system.

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