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They promote the rapid HIV test in walking walkers in Killin

A massive selection of early HIV tests was tested in the morning in Killin, in a day of distribution run by the Seremi de Salud and Health Service Ñuble (SSÑ).

The exams can be requested by anyone, free of charge and whatever your social welfare, in the dependence of the 29 family health centers and five community hospitals in Ñuble Department. They are made with a small sample of blood trapped in the branch, which is a Introductory results give about 100 per cent of accuracy.

"In Ñuble there are 470 passengers' issues under control, 59 new cases were found in 2018. "he said Ceremi de Salud, Marta Bravo, which highlighted the importance of "finding and searching for this logos in time, as well as being adequately handled and maintained".

High interest

An Director of the SSÑ, Francisco López, saying he was dissatisfied with the senior electorate of the campaign: "We expected many people to come to us but the product has exceeded the number of people. expectations"

The quick test will allow treatment, because it does not have to do a medical order to achieve it.

If a reactive product is obtained, the patient receives a blood sample to confirm the Public Health Institutions (ISP) review and subsequently the cure that is preserved by the GES / AUGE a & # 39; start.

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