They say that many health benefits at fairy crafts are fair

Unlike the traditional one, the pursuit of bureaucracy has many benefits to the human body, Includes an obstruction to disable out of its & # 39; cell, avoid problem and & # 39; reduce the risk of heart disease because it is totally natural.

Bee is one of the oldest drinks in humanity and the most enjoyable in the world. After water, tea and coffee, the biggest brew is and in Chile, it is The per capita spend is estimated to be 70 liters per year, and its position is one of the shorter countries in Latin America.

Within this business, it's a & # 39; Wearing craft knives have been growing in our country, which is shown by the big market supply. "The difference between the two preparations is: although the traditions use less raw materials and more unnatural protectors, craft behavior is made under a more natural process and without more, "said Francisco Podlech, the founder of Nexobeer, a special company to spread and distribute vocabulary.

A number of studies have shown the health benefits of traditional flux and those are the ones that are closer to; wearing craft berries. This does not mean that it is now capable of being given every day and more, but that this benefit is made by medium drink.

The average consumption of beers that cause people with a risk of heart disease is 42% lower, according to a study by Italian scientists published in the European Journal of Epidemiology. This is because the polyphenols in which it helps to & # 39; minimize the risk of developing forensicism associated with the & # 39; heart.

As craftsmanship is made up of 90% of water, this reduces the risk of hooked stones. grow. "With the number of times we go to the restaurant every time we have two beers, the kidney is always working, keeping it healthy," said Podlech.

Regarding the previous one, the craftsmen have high levels of plastics, according to a report by the Spanish Spanish Association – League for the Fight against Arterial Hypertension and the Live Center and Health Information, & # 39; replication of violation, discharge water and its electrolytes in a & # 39; body, and prevent disagreement.

Another good benefit was; In order to use the average level of the previous study, the presence of natural antioxidants of this brib is a & # 39; help to reduce the oxidative philosophy that is responsible for a & # 39; grow old. In other words, the hills of old age are consumed.

"The components of craftsmanship are completely natural, which also means that it is a healthy drink that also brings many benefits. In Chile, the wear and its & # 39; make them grow widely, reach supermarkets and emerging in a sense of insight such as those of us who are trying to spread trade from different parts of the country, "he says.

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