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They will take two stars to a & # 39; spoil somewhere in the & # 39;

In Humanity, there are more than a person's understanding of each day in such violent and violent events. they are amazing. It is sometimes sometimes a science that catches some of them, such as when they recently built two black ears interact, and now get a picture of two stars to be damaged.

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It was achieved by the excellent SPHERE instrument that was submitted in the Greater Telescope Project (VLT) of Southern European Survey (ESO) which is located in the Atacama Desert in Chile, one of the Exceptional watchdogs on Earth as a result of their clarity and presence. of sense.

The photo comes from the aquatic R Aquarii system, 650 years light from our planet. Years of imagination of this fascinating history can be found inside this spatial location, seen in the center of this image: the most of the two stars is a sort of star that is called Mira.

"Although most of the dilapidated stars are limited to elegant waltz dancing due to graphics, the relationship between R Aquarii stars is not so tight. small size, the smallest of these two star stars are constantly stealing material from the deceased companion, a red giant, "the ESO explains in recited.

According to the experts explaining, what we are doing is what we do; seen in the plasma picture and plant-rich springs. "In itself, the fear of which this great star is already horrible, but the impact of the bright white view is to transform this spectacular setting in an amazing, "said the statement.

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