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They will test a detergent that can detect cancer

A group of researchers led by Rebecca Fitzgerald, from Cambridge University, is currently managing a test level of a machine that can detect cancer through breath.

As with the device used to detect alcohol in the blood, the device will continue to be called "amorphous organic compounds" that are made with cellulose metabolites.

There can be several diseases, including cancer, changes in metabolism and then change the pattern of organic firms persistent. If found, they can contact doctors to go to; introduces a strange tumor.

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"This is a pilot survey, and so we first look at a range of cancers to find out if we can take a special pattern and compare them with those who brought healthy people, "explained Fitzgerald.

So, by 2021, the team of researchers intends to analyze the breath of 1,500 people, both healthy and susceptible to the esophagus, stamag, and cancer. protein, liver, hook, stream or illness.

"We did not try to restore the survey with patients with cancer gain," said Fitzgerald. In this sense, the study of people who went through the doctor to introduce symptoms of cancer or that it is at risk of improving the development due to medical illness.

"The easiest lung cancer appears to be breathed for obvious causes, but due to the way the metabolites are recycled in the body, many vulnerable molecules from other parts of the body may appear like this." he said.

So, it is hoped that the test will help to & # 39; establishing a pattern of breath that can be used to find out if there is a strange tumor in the body. And even though the results are even more favorable, a number of patterns that aim for different types of cancer can be proven.

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