This is how Super Smash Bros's theme is Lifelight. Ultimate audio with a & # 39; piano with Nintendo Labo –

no doubt Nintendo Labo, notwithstanding that everyone does not; It is an original and exciting proposal that allows us to build a variety of elements by cart and at the same time playing in Nintendo Switch. As a result, our users have never been amazed at & # 39; exploiting the creation.

Today we will include you an example of this and that is the Japanese user of Twitter @pyuagotto Recently acquired a variety of resources from Nintendo Labo. Well, like those start Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just a few hours away in Japan, this user has decided to impact on his & # 39; subject Biography, from Lost world of stars, with the Toy-With Piano.

You can see the product below:

We remind you that the songwriter is The World of Lost Stars Hideki Sakamoto. This is a musician that is the responsibility of the department, as well as working previously in the Smash saga, directly in the games for Wii U and 3DS, has been working for Sega in the Yakuza series. The composer is a Japanese version of the youth's song Erina Koga.

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