This is so powerful that the rocket device with which Elon Musk is for Mars to reach (videos and pictures)

Engine of the next rocket SpaceX, Starship, has been the first test in Texas. The company's chief executive, Elon Musk, published images and videos of this minute.

In two videos, you can see the power of the engine and adverse effects: colorful glazing even green.

Musk explained this wonder on his Twitter account. "The engine uses a torch loop. The green appearance is the result of having a camera or a little copper from the camera (from the motor)."

This new rocket, made up of Starship and Super Heavy (a man who has been promised for June), becomes a very special SpaceX beginner and brings a day astronauts to & # 39; Moon, or even to Mars, according to projects Elon Musk.

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