This is the worst year for investment in almost 50 years

Ned Davis Marketing department research to eight major asset classes and no records are available; achieving more than 5% this year.

Market statisticians are fighting each other in 2018 to account for their & # 39; pain is a feeling in every class of resources. A special name expresses it like this: things were not as bad as Richard Nixon was president.

Ned Davis Market department research is in eight major asset classes, from the United States and international bonds and stock to materials. And there is no one on the way to return more than 5% to register this year, which was watched for the last trip in 1972, according to Ed Clissold, a strategy at his. company.

In terms of loss, investors have made something worse. But driven by the range of non-offering assets, 2018 is a & # 39; begin to look historically.

There is nothing to work, or the high or low calculation stocks in the US, or the international or emerging material, or the Government bonds, or the investment levels, raw materials or the estate . Most of them will Loss and those who do not, do so with profit percentages are below 5%.

It's a special thing in history. Usually when any department falls, there will be a further increase. In the middle of the 2008 financial disaster, the Treasuries got again. In 1974, he was a clear place; in goods. In 2002, they were the REITs. In 2018, there is no department to go to. There is a man in Clissold: middle end of the central bank.

"The markets are concerned about how property assets will handle to eliminate ultra-flexible financial policies," said Niss Davis Research, chief executive of the State, Clissold in A note published last week.

In previous situations of a market problem, "somewhere there was a bull market."

The Periodic Reserve has increased levels for eight times by 2015, and policy makers in Europe and Japan have slowly reduced their residential programs. That, coupled with the responsibility for global growth, has spoiled investors' confidence in all areas.

This week, there was no hope of a temporary disaster in the United States and China trade war for a short time, including product excavation and slow growth in global growth. Tuesday, the S & P 500 listings recorded the fifth drop of more than 3% this year.

In total, the S & P 500 index has increased by 1% per annum and US investment level debt has hit 1.6%. Areas of developing countries have fallen by 12%, while the Treasury's overall index list. Bloomberg's long-term Barclays has fallen by 6.4%.

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