This is Typhon Hunter, the free multi-game renovation of Prey: Mooncrash

Despite being a designated advocate on single player experiences, Bethesda is changing his main quiz for multi-player. Last month it was Fallout and the next week will do the same thing as Prey. No, instead, with its moon extension.

Arcane Studios is a freelance definition definition Typhon Hunter so seek a morning hide and a game between one living (Morgan Yu) and five other players. In fact, it is an inconsistent browser that can change any shape model.

On paper it does not look bad at all. And with the control (or the mouse) in the hand? The rushes that have been created for the event show us so sadly & # 39; It is to find midwives, and the game that can be delivered at the time of laughing.

Along with this multi-game mode, update it Prisoner: Mooncrash sum TranStar VR, a RV campaign for a player who catches Attack, and his / her. allow us to allow venues and puzzles to accept their job, at several TranStar staff.

Typhon Hunter come from the 11th of December and will be available free of charge to each player Prisoner: Mooncrash on PC, Xbox and PS4.

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