Tides of Vengeance comes to World of Warcraft


Revenge Tides, its new refreshment World of Warcraft It was released today and brings many new features to the game. There will be another battle face: Battle for the Dark East, as well as faction attacks, Duel Dungeon for pets: Gnomeregan, a new legacy weapon of blood and blood; bloody and two new islands in the Exhibitions.


The Horde players and their Fellowships will again face Kalimdor's shores to make a dispute over control of this section destroyed by his / her; war.

Each battle face is available on their own and players can contribute to the battle of any battle without adversely affecting the other. You can continue with the contributions of each one in a new interface so that you can easily see how much they are.

Warriors have transformed the Dark Dark to get high-quality players with environmental updates, a world-wide leader of all new factions, and The new world missions for the faction that govern the area. Will be too find new strange creatures on the way which will give you rods, pets, toys, treasure coffins and new equipment from the Dark East side.


Players can take part in it Faction attacks Zandalar and Kul Tiras. Players at a level 110 or above of the Horde and the Fellowship can take part in these events in one of the continents as long as they have opened up the global campaigns in their accounts and have begun on War Detectives.

A blood attack regularly runs between Kul Tiras and Zandalar, which will allow players Opportunity to help your opponent in an attack or defense in a series of world missions. As with legion attack, players can see when there is a continuing marquee attack by consulting the world map.

Players can make different kinds of confidence, how to eliminate unsettled targets, destroy enemy weapons with powerful magic and weapons of siege, destroy the enemy, take part in secret behavior, or embark on shared initiatives that combine the two vocabulary.


Look at your pets and go to salons Gnomeregan to address the challenges that await you in the & # 39; this new pineapple.


These updates are already available World of Warcraft so that all the players can try them. In addition, a number of small features have been added and can be reviewed on the official page of their game.

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