To finish with horrible: the River and Boca will measure itself in Madrid to watch for the Libertadores Soccer concert

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10,000 kilometers from Buenos Aires and under unusual security measures, River Plate and Boca Juniors play Sunday at 16:30 in Madrid, as a result of the Copa Libertadores, a contest that "end of the century" should be finalized and ended completely with violence.

It's been a long game in the Bombonera November 11, set by tight 2-2, and even return November 24 at the Monumental, when a group of River fans attacked the Boca bus and the final was suspended.

By applying River to maintain the area and Boca a & # 39; Opposition to its competitors, the Conmebol chose to & # 39; Europe's final withdrawal between two historians born in the same neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

It will be remembered "How terrible is the Argentine pockets", president of the River Plate, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, died in a Friday interview in the Spanish newspaper El País.

In contrast, Boca went to the Sports Signal Court (TAS) to suspend his / her game but his refusal was refused, which is reported on Saturday from this group, which will investigate the case after that.

"Challenges Cup"

The stage of the final the famous Santiago Bernabéu stamp of Real Madrid, which entertains millions and hosts; Supporting fans from around the world in the 81,000 sets.

Spain is the largest colony of Argentines abroad and has a good air connection with Latin American, but it is also country from which the "Libertadores" have their name for the competition.

"Now the Copa Conquistadores de América", causing the AFP to worry Roby Cozzi, a game of xeneize from Barcelona, ​​but, however, he will move to Madrid for his / her. game.

Likewise, thousands of Argentinians will go to the Spanish capital to see their meeting. The 40,000 tickets offered to Argentina were overseas overseas.

In contrast, of the 10,000 tickets reserved for fans in the country, there were still more than 4,000 sold on Friday to cover the high costs – just over 2,000 euros on flight – unsuitable for many against the situation economically vibrant Argentinean.

The Arms of Madrid

The special security device: more than 4,000 police officers and private security personnel, a better performance than that of the end of the 2010 2010 Concert League at Santiago Bernabéu.

In theory, the two fans should not cross: they were enabled Two "fan-fan" divided by 2 kilometers north and south of the playground, located in a challenging state and has different areas for identifying the title.

Particular attention will merit the "brave bars": the authorities expect between 400 and 500 to reach particularly violent fans. Some will be taken out immediately as happened on Thursday with a child of Boca.

With all the dangers, the competition will be the opportunity for Spain to be responsible for the 2030 World Cup to seek a dialogue with Portugal and Morocco who would compete with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

"Let's keep the party in peace", on Saturday's head, Spanish Spanish premier Spanish brand, with a picture of Boca and River fans caught.

The clubs of the two clubs in Spain are saying: "You do not have to kill any different shirt," said Martin Barbaglia, sub-group of River Plate Barcelona.

There was a great move for an unexpected party, both trying to breathe Monumental and the Bombonera to Santiago Bernabéu, which is expected to be white and red and yellow and blue.

"Locked Party"

In an unusual situation and four weeks after the first step, the teams, who have submitted them in Madrid from the mid-week, will have an attempt to keep focus on it. game.

He is involved in the South American scepter -the one that was seventh for Boca, translated Independiente as the most beautiful, or fourth for River Plate- and participation in & # 39; World Cup Cup from the 12th to the 22nd December in the UAE with his host, Real Madrid.

"It's a fairly rare finish," Carlos Tevez, leader of the backdrop, Franco Armani, who brought out a "strange taste" for to & # 39; playing in Madrid.

The exciting game of the first leg is a completely open source output, in particular to think that these objectives do not have a dual value in case it is attractive and that the ground is neutral .

And with so much reward, Boca coach, Guillermo Barros, warned the fans: "I do not believe it's a very attractive game in a visual game (but) a very tight game , a great fight. "

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