To what extent do experts expect to be in two months' time?

In the first inter-agency transactions in Chilean, price for dolar was $ 663.30, which represents a fall of $ 0.8 compared to the previous day's closure.

The exchange rate was going to get a warm start in the day as the market waits for world-wide macro-data to move clearly.

In the first inter-banking work in Chile, dolar price was $ 663.30, which represents a fall of $ 0.8 in relation to the closure of the previous day.

Experts expect very little value in terms of their value today and the money will be expected in the coming months. According to the EEE, published today by the Central Bank, t nearly 60 respondents anticipate that the exchange rate will be $ 660 in two months and $ 650 in 11 months.

Global movement

In the world, a dollar is slightly down. At present, the Dollar Index, which compares US currency with the money basket, marks a reduction of 0.09%. The global price of the referent ticket is currently under pressure as a result of the progress of the euro and not sterling, the heaviest currency in the register of tolls in the register.

In line with these results, the world's top currencies are heading against the dollar.

Today the investors' eyes are impressive in the United States and Europe.

In the ancient continent, the European Central Bank (ECB) today consolidated the extension budget, identifying liquidity promotions and delaying rate journeys at the end of 2019.

But key data will come from the United States, which today publishes inflation figures that may affect the aims of a conflict of interest, affect the dollar.

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