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Today the 21st anniversary of the first Titanic perspective and its controversy does not come to an end: Jack and Rose respond to her. board?

On December 19, the first published in the United States. The film, which was expected to be the biggest failure in the history of the cinema, which became a film with its highest collection in history and in an overcoming event on the obstacles in the seventh art.

His show was a long series in the rooms, news broadcasts broadcast broadcasts to the movie and the crotches took over the destroyed spectators to see how the love story about Rose and Jack came to an end .

The couple, played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, smiled millions of people's hearts and many had a lot; dreamed that the actors were moving their lover into real life. However, if they have a beautiful relationship between them: to the present day they are good friends.

But going back to the movie, everything that is displayed on the screen is a n; It has a great impact on the situation: the situation, which sank the sea line, the special effects, the song Celine Dion we heard at least three times a day at that time and the One glorious night of Cameron Cameron at the Oscars, where he saw how the film was put everybody for him to throw into the crown crowned in Academy Awards by Provides 11 gold images, a complete record he shares with Ben Hur and The Lord of the Rings: King's Return.

A dispute

However, although the Titanic is likely to fall in the mouth of the work, The death of the nobles that woke up the screams, sobs and cries.

Both were struggling with difficulty and a plank was running. Rose will climb and when it does, it seems like it's a? sink. So much weight, he himself, as a true movie lover, has to go and go. dying frozen in the cold waters, saving his life. And with the way, their unfavorable performance.

From the day of the vision that created this controversy scene, which is still to the present day and that it has been given to universities and scientists to explore everything in detail: can Rose saved the life of Jack?

Would it take?

In 2012, the "Myth Hunters" program debated this situation and its decision was clear: if possible. Presenters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman joined the harbor in a board with the same steps and kept a 63 minute pace, when they put the rescuers trying to try Kate Winslet's character saved.

"I think Jack's death did not need" and "we have to say that this situation was impossible, which Jack and Rose could have survived", the two responses given by the animators space.

Jack and Rose Jack and Rose. Take Titanic

In 2017, three researchers from Westminster School in the Australian city of Adelaide used mathematical formulas and came to the same decision.

"We did a lot of tests and we needed to play with different materials to find out what materials were reasonable for that time," said one of the authors at the survey, Abigail Wicks.

And they just grew a & # 39; Show that both of them have a simple trick: put the life jackets below the table. That's how they would move until they were released.

Why did Jack die at the end?

Even Kate Winslet came to the voices that she believed her lover had to live on the screen. The same year in the "Late Late Show" by Stephen Colbert, he said that the two could be on the woods. "Come honey, there's room for two," said the actress.

James Cameron James Cameron. Find out more

But Jack's death was settled and it was the only practical thing if the board was bigger or smaller, as everything was based on a creative decision by James Cameron, the director and scriptures.

"The movie Jack had made it so fascinating for the audience that they hurt all to see him dead, if he had been alive, the end would not be aware, the film is about death and division, he would have died. So, one or two other ways I was going to drown, this is called art, and things are happening for art purposes, not physical reasons, " He told Vanity Fair for twenty years of the film.

"Indeed, it was an artistic decision … if the board was big enough to keep it but not enough to keep it, anyway," he said .

Finally, I send a message to all those who still have; Speaking of this situation: "I think it's a bit foolish that we continue to continue this debate twenty years later." And he's right, he turned the page already and still earns millions, but now, thanks to the Avatar and the tours announced.

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