Today's trade and services addressing the "day of Black Friday" day

Madrid, November 23 (EFE) .- Today's trading day is a mid-day of "Black Friday" and "Cyber ​​Monday" campaign, an action designed by trade, but again, They have attracted many services, for example, transport companies, hotels, restaurants or insurance agents.

The trade trusts are proposing that the offers will be made; Promoting sales in general has been affecting the slowdown in spending and that, in the # 39; special case of cloth, has fallen due to bad weather.

The "Black Friday" (Black Friday translated into Spanish) began in the United States, where the "reverse" varies; Offer strong reflections a day after Thanksgiving, held yesterday, to start the campaign Christmas and add their numbers from red to "black".

The Spanish trade, which included it was identified in an effort to reduce sales due to the crisis, Thinking that he is already the start of a Christmas campaign, as many take advantage of the offerings to promote their Christmas shops.

In some areas of products, such as electronics or technology, "Black Friday" already focuses on one-third of the year's sales.

As in previous years, in Spain, the discounts have been developed over a number of days and extend to the name "Cyber ​​Monday", which was created for sale on the internet that has not been sold in corporate stores through the "Black Friday" Today is marked today, which has many shops and companies in the world; preserving specific tasks.

The campaign, which was very powerful on the internet, could have been lost with the call for the two days of strike called at the Amazon logistics center in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) and for November 30 at Correos.

According to Adigital data, this week, online sales will provide 1,560 million euros, a figure that represents a 10% growth compared to 2017 and that will be; representing 4.3% of the total number moving electronically in Spain. year (37,000 million euro).

Spaniards spend an average of 280 euros in those days, an additional 13%, according to Audit Cetelem, and the Groupon report says that 88% of users will be able to; buy during discounted days and 64% Christmas pre-shops.

In small trade, discounts are between 20 and 30%, according to data from the Spanish Trade Association (CEC).

The Acotex textile trading company is expected to sell between 5 and 7%, although there will be no more aggressive campaigns than the previous years because traders understand that trades for virtually unavoidable sales are not sold every year. year

"It is expected that" Black Friday "shows this year again, although it is faster than last year, for two logical reasons: we come from years of strong growth (20%) of new designation consolidation and assessment in housing consumption, which, even though it grows, can do so slower than in 2017, "said Anged.

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