Tonka Tomicic has been tired of punctuation and explains why she is with Parived Society

After the objections he received Tonka Tomicic after uploading a picture with her husband, Parived, there Instagram, showing behind Telethon, the animator first introduced it with a comic, and even launched this sentence "Now, now show their men, sure they are with Brad Pitt& # 39; "

But this Thursday, Tomicic was introduced into his relationship with his relatives in dialogue with the psychiatrist Leon Cohen on the "Welcome" morning on Channel 13, where he responded to the answer of all critics about their relationship.

"I did not have the prototype about beauty or excitement. He was about someone different", he started saying.

In that line, he said "I'm different from my life, indeed what I was looking for. A different, non-classically socially based, social class who would respond to a television operator. "

"Maybe I could be with someone with a suit, who had classical work and playing a classical (…) Yes, it's true, it's right.I was looking, from my first knowledge, what I have today? "he certainly asked.

After that, the specialist responded: "It seems that it is an axis in your life that will make you out of your family culture", made Tonka sweet:" shows ah (…) who can be "

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