Tudor was destroyed & # 39; Aued and asked to get out of UC: "In the last six months he did not say hello to anyone" | Soccer


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He asked to leave the player. Luka Tudor, attacking a current football player and television reporter Luciano Aued, leaflet of Catholic University.

Inside the CDF's Experience Football program framework, the stripper, who was drafted by the UC during his time as a football player, stressed that Argentina should not continue in the precordilleran box.

"The battle with Aued was there. It was not the shoes or anything, but obviously a player was unfair, unfair, unfair, that the cables were demolished, and so they told me that ", convicted of Tudor after confirming Beñat San José's bank & # 39; overseas.

"The cables are being deleted you're in training you can go through an envelope, say something, and in the game too … it wants to lift your hands to the co- your ages, "he said.

And there was nothing. For everything above, Tudor says "This man, Aued, for those things that I have confirmed, I should not continue in the Catholic. "

"He disturbed Beñat in training … Aued raised his voice to San José, but badly. He disturbed him. I have talks with coaches, but I went into an office … I had discussions with Pellegrini, but no one needs to get out, that's a bad companion, "he said.

Lastly, Luka Tudor's history trans-Andean emerged that would be reinforced by the club: "Aued, in the last six months of the concert that the players got together to take breakfast, he came and he did not say hello to someone in the last six months ".

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