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Two months without Tamara: the struggle that could face National neglect

A teenager's daughter reads, & # 39; including, sitting inside the grass on the banks of the Bío Bío River, and there is a sun relaxing calmly among the mountains around the Chiguayante community. This is probably the last picture of Tamara Zurita Ortega, the 21-year-old daughter after two days after the photograph was taken on September 25.

"She was a gift, tender, funny, and she likes shoes, she set out her own spread of pages on the street. With her friends, she was worried, rolled out up, trying to solve the life of all friends, "said her mother, Lorna Ortega.

"That's why it's been the subject of the Telethon, which he encouraged to help. She had been in previous summers, helped her, but now she has been on & She was permanent as a volunteer and she filled her. I worked with children to learn how to use wheelchairs and that we made her happy ", she tells us.

Tamara used karate, soccer, dance, zumba, she was always in some activity. He had re-frosted a Corporate training post because he had plans to learn nursing and work in Concepción.

When his parents praised the ability to work in their & # 39; On the south side, because of the sadness of having been working in the local health district, he disguised himself; think correctly.

Even & # 39; years of age, he did not want to go abroad for six months. "Do you want to get rid of the house?" He said historically.

But, on the other hand, it's one of the reasons why to # living in Chiguayante, his active involvement in the "tribal group" Encounting Youth in the Holy Spirit (EJES).

"Tamara did not even go to the reels when I had AXES the next day, I said, no, I'll go to every mother to sleep, sleep, and staying at home, "Lorna said.

Distribution Identified to BBCL
Distribution Identified to BBCL

Lost almost 200

His name, therefore, is nearly 200 people, in a list of people who need to keep the People's Place Flag on the PDI updated on their website.

Every day the police are receiving complaints about losing people, and although there is a higher percentage of positive declarations, according to the civil police, 90% of resolving cases are even within their; The first 24 hours of caution, there are still a percentage of unfamiliar people found.

According to the commissar, Manuel Fuentes, the leader of the People's Brigade (Briup), is both the age and situation of the people who disappeared from the different perspective.

However, there are reasons that are related to the age range, where children under 18 spend most of the time; leaving their homes voluntarily to stop going to school, surgery, drug suffering and intrafamily violence, among other things.

Then, in the midfielder from 18 to 60 years, for example, there are work difficulties, mental disorders, marriage problems, different figures that can disappear, alone or by to & # 39; participating in third parties.

In the case of older adults, there are diseases that are justly related to their age, such as Alhzeimer or unhealthy dementia, disorder that causes inconvenience and, therefore, a significant danger of being lost.

"We have almost 95% of our effectiveness in the investigations and I'm sure to say that most cases are going to voluntarily leave home. People are not here Disappeared to be extinct, but most of them voluntarily left home, for various reasons, "Commissioner Fuentes said.

"However, a small percentage that does not appear, due to different variations. People who appear to die, by entering a third parties or accidents, self-kill, or other situations, "a & # 39; add to the officer.

In that list of people who do not appear yet, the Tamara Zurita is young.

"Every time I go through the river, it gives me something … But I know Tamara is not there."

– Lorna Ortega

Those not famous

What happened to Tamara? Andres, father, is silent for a few fingers before answering a question that he has heard several times, perhaps this two months, and that there is still no reasonable explanation.

"I've been dying, with everything I did, the Telethon, the AXES, the next day her mother's birthday and her first telethon children . That is,
It could be a problem, being very tough, but … trying to kill himself? I'm dropping off, "he says stupidly.

"And he is away with his will, it is not a proof of me. He would have taken something, his scarf, a jacket, because he was cold," he says.

"There is a record that has been said that Tamara was trying to kill himself, I do not know where it came from. I want to ask the procurator where this came, but I do not Thinking that, "Andres is a" expressed.

In searching for answers, her younger sister found that she wrote in an online community of readers and writers called Wattpad, where a variety of people reviewed books and books, # 39; they published their own texts.

One of the writings, Desahogos of a writer in love, tells of a close friend she was in love, but unfortunately for her feelings, she was connected to someone else.

"… It's wrong, really, but amazingly, I'm more wild as a friend" love ", the fact is that I can take part, without any difficulty, if I reach it. A point to tell him he would not see another mind when he is happy, but I'm getting tired, I feel life is leading me, to good for me, but there is so much difficulty that I can not be, and maybe I can never be, someone The night over my world changed, to turn it close, I was happy , he took a happy month until he appeared "…

Although he changed the name of his / her main character, his family is clear about Tamara's young man in love.

However, they do not have to do with their separation. Although the expert statements show that the last exchange of his phone information was at about 7:25 p.m., that is, and possibly the famous Whatsapp soundcasts by Nicolás, who closest friend.

"We started to look through the notebooks and found that Tamara was in love with Nicolás, although she always said she was a friend. They had a friendship and Nicolas kept him , there is even a letter where she agrees not to disturb her current friendship and, indeed, was unsuccessful to deliver, "said Andrés Zurita.

Report promptly

Anyway, before suspicion starts, the PDI is proposing not to submit a complaint for a defined problem.

"The complaint must be made as soon as possible, before that the legend was required to wait 24 or 48 hours, but that is not effective," a & # 39; Emphasizing Commissioner Fuentes.


In Tamara's case, her parents complained about three hours after her extinction.

"That day, Tamara went to the office to ask the ophtalologologist for a meeting and told me she would read in the park. I came from work on yesterday in the evening and asked her to come with the light of the day, she replied so sadly and told me she was going to come back, "a & # 39; remembers Lorna.

"I started calling it at eight o'clock and sent me to e-mail. I sent him any message, they came to it, but he never read them. Ask some friends, no one knew, and immediately we realized something was wrong, "he says.

Shortly after Lorna's name, Andrés told him what happened, and so when they arrived they immediately went to the bank of the river to find it, not to succeed. The past times, it was dark and no one knew Tamara.

"When we went to complain, about thirty thirty at night, Carabineros asked us how soon we were issued, and we replied that we just know on Tamara, she warned her if she was going to live or come back again, "said Andrew.

According to the PDI, whenever the complaint is made, a protocol will be put in place, where its relatives and friends are closed to know if they have spoken to or gone, Do not go to the places that he often goes to; Collect, collect a greater amount of possible information to find the person within the first 24 hours.

Although it is possible to find out where it is; Most cases, in the absence of advanced results, the PDI tells the Center's Office to order for inspection.

"There are many investigations for misfortunes that are expected in Concepción, for example, but also the number of people is high, but Concepción is the second place where there are more inquiries about riot Unfortunately, "explained Fuentes.

The lonely evidence

"There is a woman who had a dog walker she saw," said Lorna. "He saw a girl sitting by mobile phones, took her up and spoke to him, but Tamara did not hear through the cell phones. And he saw two groups of young people who were like in a fire, and the girl met him so lonely, and a car that saw the river, "Lorna said.

"They have not found those groups, they do not have any cameras, with their cars either, you just know whether it was a car or a truck," said Andres .

Some of the young people who saw a girl with similar characteristics in the middle of Concepción together with one of the rites, trying to continue to Candelaria, in the San Pedro society. But not to encourage them to ask the groups of boys who would, travel in the department, they would prefer to return. According to Tamara's parents, this line was inspected by the Finance Office, but to date information has not been provided on that information.

"Both Briup (Brigade of the Place) and the BH (Slaughterhouse), Carabineros, OS-9, have been searching and recording, they are on the job to do, "they appear.

"He wanted to kill him, I'm dubbed, it's not right for me. Despite the case with Nicolás, he was not enough for that. The other thing he wanted to go, he has been extremely painful, since he never told us he had something to do with Nicolás, he wanted to avoid it, but that he would have said "says Andres.

Alberto González | BBCL
Alberto González | BBCL

"Both the procurator, the commissioner and the lawyer tell us that things are doing things, but what things are there? We still know, everything has been very tough, "lamenting Andrés.

"In Cabrero, a daughter from Belén from Concepción came. The PDI, interviewed and was just a name's ability. It was studied in Chaitén, where he had a holiday with his grandfather or grandfather, but there are things in There is still a question, "he said.

"Such things are done, so as not to repeat the case, there are many mistakes, that is why the Office of the Center is so tight," said Andres.

How long are you doing? found?

The list of people who need to include issues from Arica to Punta Arenas, and there is a list ran from January 1994 – 24 years ago – for a few days ago.

When a report is made for the misdemeanors that have been registered, a commission will be created nationally in the event that the person is in receipt of a document or document procedure; he left the country, for example. Also, in the case the person has died and corpses to the Legal Medical Service.

This order is always in operation, regardless of the inspection times that the Office Office is handling, this search could be closed. However, the PDI continues to & # 39; Finding a missing person, and if a new record is found, you will be notified to the Ministry of Public Services to re-open the search.

"We are armed over us as long as the NGOs want help, we do not know where to see, the Center's Office has not told us where they will go," says Tamara's parents.

"That's creating an inactive, because there's nothing," they're doing. mourning.


"It's a whole piece, in these two months I was not going to clean … It's strong," Lorna said with a sad sadness of the voice.

"The biggest things I fear is that it is a constant issue, because we met people who have been asking years," he says.

"We went out quickly, in two days there were two procurators, the two policemen were working, but the network of acquaintances and friends they started was; stressing it, it's not a family of resources, and this does not happen in every case "they explain.

In this way, they thank the friend network, to fund the costs of research jobs, as well as the understanding of their respective leaders, who provided them with the resources to make their timetable.

In this regard, they tell us that they are looking at their ability to & # 39; make law prohibit people who do not have the financial resources. "There are shortcomings, there are many protocols that can do 3 or 4 days to do research, to triangulate the antennas of the telephone companies," they say.

"The Battle of the People's Place is only in Santiago, and they need to be removed from there to take them to sections. The sooner the complaint is made and the business will be done, better, "they say.

Social networks, sword with two sides

According to PDI, the use of social networks has two implications, and so it is useful in dealing with people who need somewhat related.

"People who appear through social networks, especially because younger adults are often used to contact their friends," said Commissioner Fuentes.

However, on the non-useful internet information that gives time and the resources are upgraded.

"Social networks provide an opportunity for anyone who can not be identified to provide non-trustworthy information and we need to be a policeman to confirm at least. And that is also a & # 39; creating a lot of lost time in the research, especially in cases where there is a lot of public promotion, "a & # 39; laments the official

The same is the "psychics", which often show that provides information to the family.

"We are working in technical scientific research, we do not work with psychics, psychologists, or anything. We do not object to the family's freedom to enter to this type of information, but we are not a policeman who only looks at the technical science research, which the evidence gives us a theory or warranty, "Fuentes decided.

Distribution of BBCL Specifications
Distribution of BBCL Specifications

Hope the Zurita Ortega

"We obey faith, to the hope that it appears, I pray every day. If it's in its own way, its little heart will allow open and saying, I do not want to spend more time for parents, to their grandparents, who get bad weather, more than we did, "said Lorna with her eyes full. tears.

"In the case of death, you can make a grief on your lover, your sadness, but this is uncertain or uncertain what will happen to her, where she is, whether she is alive or dead, they put off all, what they did, killed her, she wanted to kill herself, all of those things going through your head, and that's every day, " he says.

"I will not give this to the worst enemy, as there is uncertainty every day," he says.

"I hope to see Tamara. For me, my heart tells me that Tamara is right, she's alive. Sometimes I come to the ground, but the forces are No, no, we'll find it, & # 39; "said Lorna, his voice was broken.

"I know life is going on, I need to fight so I do not fall into depression, and we can not fall because we have another daughter , "it's a & n; appear.

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