"U did not talk to Kudelka about the contract"

Although the University of Shile still works in the market, Frank Kudelka's coach situation is not resolved. Argentina has a contract to June this year, but anyone from Azul Azul did not send his area to talk about the last expansion.

And it's even more strange when it is a coach that is one hundred hundred and one-offs for the crew to be created for 2019. This is a local competition that lasts until December and where it was formally not He can complete it with the professional Cordovan as a bank owner.

But the technology is calm, as its producer, the overseas Pascual Lezcano businessman, who is consistent in Chile, informing La Fourth.

"There is now no person from the leadership to come in. The U has not talked to Frank Kudelka about the extension of his contract," said the old coach Talleres de Córdoba coach.

– And there is no worry in the coach for the uncertainty?

I did not tell that, so do not put the words of the mouth. Everything is right with the instructions.

– I'm asking it because of & # 39; and it is odd that the technician is setting up the team for a season and has no doubt of his continuity.

I do not see it's a problem. I do not know why it is for a controversy about something like that, the coach is happy in the club. It is totally focused on what the team is doing, with his head on having a & # 39; participating in the Libertadores Cup and in creating the team. In honor, there is not much more to say. He has a contract to June and is in great pleasure.

Special habitat

Despite rejecting Lezcano, Argentine coach's discomfort has become apparent in the past, both for leadership issues and football issues.

It was the failure of Luis Jiménez as strengthening one of the situations that disturbed the DT, despite the fact that the player himself recognized in several interviews that he was willing to reach the university.

Also, Kudelka could not take the responsibility after the defeat of Melgar, in the Peruvian Arequipa town. So, the trailer finished his news conference after her; game. After all, a question from a local journalist, who thought the blue team was playing badly. In fact, that is the case in a & # 39; The first stage of the Libertadores, who is worried about Cordovan, at least in the # 39; immediately.

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