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U. La Calera will be seeking a historical certificate against Chapecoense in the Sudamericana Cup

This Tuesday Unión La Calera will look for historical classification to the second round of the South America Cup, when Brazil could have a Chapecoense, after matching the game's goals in the game Stadium "Nicolás Chahuán".

The Caleranos will come to this meeting with a high level of confidence, after they have been able to go to this meeting. first time succeeding in the 2-0 National Championship against Palestine in a strong show of his fortifications Walter Bou and Marcelo Larrondo who try to give them their jobs in a big city.

This is very optimistic for the technical director Francisco Meneghini, The previous meeting says "We have tools to bring forward and win the game. The campus is good, there is a united group. It is part of an historic year for the center. "

This is the first international experience of the Caleranos in their history, so they would be suitable for the second tour of the competition; giving them greater involvement.

The training Meneghini prepares for this duel is by: Augusto Batalla; Matías Navarrete, Cristian Vilches, Pablo Alvarado, Erick Figueroa; Matías Laba, Sebastián Zúñiga, Yonathan Andía, Eugenio Isnaldo; Larrondo and Bou.

In contrast, Chapecoense, who returns to South America after the 2016 concern, he is coming to the emergency; is also restricted by fans, who were not satisfied with their performance shown in the last games and their lack of aims, with their intent as well as being able to; show a more criminal approach than the first leg match.

In addition, the Brazilians will not be able to count on important pieces of the set as the advanced Aylon and the midfielders Bruno Silva and Augusto, all that was taken away for mourning as a result of injury.

The training provided by the coach Claudinei Oliveira it will: Joao Ricardo; Vinicius Freitas, Rafael Pereira, Douglas Silva, Bruno Pacheco; Elicarlos Souza, Marcio Araújo; Diego Fabián Torres, Julio César, Wellington Paulista and Lourency.

The duel between U. La Calera and the "Chape" will be played from 9.30pm (00:30 GMT) at Estadio Arena Condá, the beta will be on the Venezuelans José Argote and you can follow the Internet Merchant of

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