U. of Chile plans to play some games in Concepción in 2019

Leadership The University of Chile will be lead meeting This Friday with her & # 39; managing the playground "Ester Roa", since a variety of activities were needed in the # 39; National Blue Blue a another place plan for next year Folklore.

As reported PM outdoors, The U is quick to close this "Plan B" near being able to use the Ñuñoa center when it is currently playing at home. The 2019 National Championship.

Among the events associated with the Chile football team, the National Stadium a number of concerts, such as Paul McCartney and Iron Maiden, and also need to close their doors to be redesigned to get the final of the Libertadores Cup.

In the same way, weeks before this definition, the site must be in the hands of Conmebol to determine the final information for that game.

However, the administration of the "Ester Roa" must also be considered in Collao not only University of Concepción play from home So the historical ones do Fernandez Road and Sport Concepcion.

The meeting will be in the early part of this Friday and you will be able to know next by side AlAireLibre.cl.

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