Vidal: "It's amazing to be in and see how Messi makes these two goals". Sport

After a great achievement in classical Catalan against Espanyol, the steering wheel Barcelona, The Arturo Vidal, he spoke to Barça TV, where he said that "laid back"for the time he lives in the team.

"A very difficult game, as a visitor, was getting worse and today everything has been done well. He got it well, I'm happy"the Chilean media began.

In that line, Colo Colo's old added: "It's a great deal to win 4-0. I've been fortunate to play many classical games in Italy and in Germany but this one is very intense. I'm happy to play and win it"

Finally, Vidal said about the game "we left very well and fairly much better, so this product leaves a lot of happiness. It's amazing to be in and see how he does both these Messi missions. It's astonishing to all. "

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