Vidal, since being suspended to a figure in Barcelona

"The board is seen as a profit player," said Josep Maria Fuste, adviser to director Bartoméu.

Arthur and the red man of Ivan Rakitic are injured, against 4-3 before Betis, presenting point in Arturo Vidal's first season with Barcelona.

After that, the Chilein playground took place in the management team. And a boy took him with him. To give the team the obligation and to be the most profitable affair this year.

The first was tough. The social networks of their own networks have social networks; Encouraging division in Barça board. From a publicly criticized player, it became a star, without a scanner.

In addition, the technical secretary of the main defender was & # 39; player, the cheapest confirmation and the one that's more minutes to add to the # 39; Last month with the first team.

"The board sees it as a really valuable player. Although Bartoméu does not talk about football issues, the president is very happy with the staff and the work that is reinforcing her; doing, including Vidal, "says Josep Maria Fuste, adviser to the" culé "president of La Cuarta.

And there is a great suggestion: "The Silens performed a lot. It is a non-mourning player, with an aggressive game that will bring another barça.

As Vidal has left a good idea of ​​the history of Blaugrana's board history. So he confesses that La Fourth Peric Alonso, the midfielder of the team's defense and father of Xabi Alonso, Chilean teammate at Bayern Munich.

"Vidal is a full, competitive player with strong strength. It has reached and removed. It's a star that was faster or longer to enter to the Barcelona picture. It is a bonus to bring more flexibility and speed to the tiki taka that already identifies this team. It shows that it needs to have a place in the Valverde scheme, "said the old Englishman.

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