[VIDEO] InSight Probe tells what's in the Mars sound

It was just over two weeks ago – and seven months of travel through spaces – that's InSight He got a successful land on Mars, and started a research that will take a look at it. her first result.

This Friday, the sound of Martian's wind was captured by the study, who collected low frequency roars during the first day of working on the red planet.

This is the first sounds of Mars that can be found with a & # 39; human ear, explained NASA scientists who gave the results. "Built-in challenge was to capture these audios," recognizing Bruce Banerd, one of the directors in the data search that the probe is & # 39; provision.

In a way, NASA scientists said, so Mars would pronounce if we were sitting on the InSight survey.

The vision of its first species is onshore on Mars from 2012, and year in which Curiosity started its purpose.

Over half of the 43 attempts to robots, satellites or others to Mars – are used by room groups worldwide – on failure.

Not only the United States that has posted articles, invested in these initiatives with the aim of preparing income with human researchers for the 2030s.

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