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We need to wait: Alexis does not appear in her & # 39; proportion

According to English media, Tocopillano was not among the players who arrived in the hotel in the pre-game between Manchester United and Bournemouth.

"I hope he will be involved in acting as soon as possible, that he may be against Bournemouth (Sunday 30 December), but he is more likely to be against his / her; Castle (Wednesday 2 January). "

This is how new technology is Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, about return Alexis Sánchez Tocopillano in Chile was recovering and already back in England and it's the news; at present.

In this context, the Manchester Evening News newspaper showed when the "Man-U" players came to collection and published it The national history of Chile's national team did not appear in the Lowry Hotel.

Of course, indicate that Sánchez was there, as well as other people's presence, such as Anthony Martial and Romelu Lukaku (in the image).

So, then, most likely, Alexis will appear in the duel against Newcastle on January 2. Whether he is already trained with his teams and the new coach is being introduced to him.

Image: by court with Manchester Evening News

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