What is in the oral illness?

Mexico City .- Children under the age of five are more likely to be called doll, made by enteroviruses and a hundred other types of coxsackie A and B viruses, ECHO viruses, parechovirus. Although this situation could affect anyone's age, El Debate publishes.

Its name is because it causes plants in the shape of small pans on its; skin, especially hand palms, leg acids and inside mouth, although they may also be in other parts of the body as stock, back of Achilles and gluteal tendon .

According to the Ministry of Health in Mexico, the highest level of disease is a disease; takes place at two years of age and is transmitted in areas where it is very close, as in day care centers.

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The skin crimes can last between 3 and 6 days, as well as causing high fever in some cases of more than 40 degrees.

The Center for Controlling and Changing Diseases in the United States, (CDC for its English measurement) and emphasizes that the mouth of the mouth is particularly interesting in the & first week after symptoms of illness.

Typically, a virus can be found in the nose and ankle fires such as non-nasal saliva mucus, in both the ovaries and the patients.

The CDC says that the disease can be spread through a close link where saliva movements can be swapped, such as kissing or running, and coughs, mothers or childcare children to be taken with stool at the time of the changing diaper and communication with objects or surfaces with a virus.

So far, there is no special treatment for disease treatment, but mitigation care has only been done; focus on the relief of symptoms.


  • Fever
  • Sour throat
  • Meaning of poor feeling (decoration)
  • Drinks dona, red and like blisters on the tongue, gum and inside the cheeks
  • Red cheese and trout red, but sometimes with blisters, on handsholes, on casks and sometimes on their wings. Irritability in infants and children
  • Call the place

Vulnerable infection can sometimes cause viral brain fever, encephalitis, no myocarditis.

Suggestions for avoidance of disease:

  • Basic steps like washing hands.
  • Use individual cutlery
  • Do not have a kiss.
  • Sneeze with the corner of the mountain.

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