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What is the best value of lithium? a question that is & # 39; asked in the USA

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the "lightweight" market is highly metallic and light; creating disadvantages for merchants all over the world.

"What is lithium?" Wanting an article published yesterday in the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, Counting for the efforts of a variety of actors to demonstrate the value of metal, which is essential in making batteries.

"Car manufacturers, batteries, smartphones and computers have fought in the race to ensure the supply of lithium from major producers such as Albermale, the largest lithium mining and Chilean Chemical and Mineral Association (SQM), number two. ", highlighting the publication, announcing that Apple, Samsung and Tesla are among the best known metal gauges.

"Increasing the demand is to inspire prominent prices." A number of companies that follow raw materials, such as Mechanism Measurement and Fastmarkets – formerly known as the previous Metal Bulletin – have been trying to expand their efforts to monitor lightweight metal prices. S & P Global Platts started publishing lithium prices this year, "he says.

The newspaper also reports that lithium is not listed on global stock exchange, such as gold or money, purchases "has been uneasy when they talk to representatives." The deer says that the mining companies are benefiting from the sources and exams consulted with the WSJ.

WSJ sent to Albemarle and SQM; Although the person who decided to refuse to give an opinion, anonymous spokesperson said for the second one that the idea is that the company opposes the "visibility" prices.

Read the full WSJ article here.

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