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when video games were pulled picsleil with a pixel on a graphic paper

The 80s are very fashionable and everything that helps us at the time is a smile or we get it attractive, but it was not easy for the
software development and even less when graphic interference was a key factor, especially after emergencies due to the large number of consuls and loss of customer confidence. And if they do not tell creators & Super Mario Bros, uirsgeul who have tunnels found in tons a graphic paper in which they made situations, plays and characters.

Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, who created a videogame and a geography that would expanding significantly in the future, and remembering these things as the context of the Super Mario Maker show at E3 of 2015, the update on its & game Mario Maker & # 39; born to dispose of her & # 39; We wish to be the architects of the world of Mario, Yoshy and his company. Original way to mark Mario's 30 years ended in 2015 and helped us to find out what & # 39; Their first amazing thing.

By hand, a pixel with a pyramid

Very little we have spent time playing the game of his brother plummers, either in classic or in more recent fashion, such as Super Mario Run (a moving game), it is easy to see the key elements of their settings the earth, the sky and the sea, although the interior is also likely to be quite present. Although Miyamoto confesses that, when Tezuka suggested that Mario had to travel with a noise to enter and get involved with his / her. Rest of the elements, which was "no" First answer, with the problem that meant at development level.

The problem disappeared when the development of video games was developed and It could indeed allow more features and activities, in fact scroll, something that is currently normal, there were so many games for Famicom (as there were many hunting games). So Super Mario Bros was changing at this stage, and # 39; Looking for great characters to move from one side of the screen to get together and go ahead, and Miyamoto says that this may be the first game with a blue shield that he designed.

The stars, together with the other two we have already mentioned (sea and land), are the three main concepts that Tekuza says as a starting point for the design of the stages and the screen when Super Mario Bros was still the shook, though It was amazing how they started shaping these designs: dragged by hand. And it was not something of script or sketches; Previously, it was the necessary material to improve the video game.

Tekuza also has that definition at the beginning They would have to do everything by hand. It was a graphic paper; In what they used, how they are using them; featured in the video, and those sketches (that were correctly made) related to the raw material of the programs, whose purpose was to translate these pictures into the world of Mario that we have enough knowledge.

Supermario 02

How to update it? , for the corrections that they put in the spinning paper, so that the corrections were pulled on and the original tale can be seen without difficulties

Miyamoto is a great contributor to its & # 39; process: the revisions and corrections. What it shows is graphically defined. These sketches are corrected to style; a pure professional professor, with red arrows on the pictures that left everything in some hours, so if the inventory had been updated the envelope paper was, so the corrections were drawn and they would see without the difficulties of the original tale.

Make a creative process game, with no marks or paper

It is very amazing that the elements that are now fully recognized now have more than three decades of creation, such as clouds, bikes or Super Mario throwing firewall. And the idea & # 39; Super Mario Maker the world of Mario was creating something simple and amazing, is more like subject-based programs rather than to develop a true and hard code so that anyone can design mod.

Supermario 01

Another idea in the small classes was that the game was included as a play. Miyamoto explains it with her & # 39; First screen of the Super Mario (the 1-1), which describes many times the design very difficult levels and plays (what things Miyamoto would like to play) and then down them a bit. For example, one of the first motions that lets a jump; a herd attack on us to leave her and her; falling rapidly to the ground while Goomba goes to her; Come, something we'll ask as a whole as the creative will explain and we see in the sketch.

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