Why did not the Main Virginia Reginato take the keys to the town to Marco Antonio Solís? | Wine

Marco Antonio Solís was the artist who opened the fourth day of the Viña del Mar Festival, where he completed the entire Quinta Vergara. singing and dancing.

The Mexican artist interpreted his successful successes: As I fell in love with you, where do we go? to stop, the person we lost, among others.

Soon the thousands of fans came to visit him asking for the silver gull and then the golden one.

But he was not the only wonder. in them, as the animators, Maria Luisa Godoy and Martín Cárcamo said they had a unique gift for the six times it was at the Festival: home keys.

The amazing thing about the difference was that a home maker was not astonished; taking the platform to deliver the important recognition, although it was shared on Twitter.

According to information that Radio Bío Bío could get in, his councilors would recommend it would not be; going up because it could get support, with the economic problems that fall within its; town.

However, the draft for everyone was that Reginato wanted to give this gift to him in the sitting room, but he would not have time to do it.

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