China began a study after the birth of genitalized infants


China began to monitor on Monday after a Chinese researcher announced who said he had gone on in vitro roofing with modified gene who was born twin which is against the AIDS virus, a test that was considered "dangerous" and "irresponsible". He Jiankui, professor at the University of Scotland Distribution, in the south China, a video on YouTube to publish its & # 39; born a few weeks ago with two couples with whom he is DNA It was adapted to be stable for the AIDS virus. He says the HIV father is positive.

After scientists and Chinese centers have received this news with many complaints, the National Health Commission in China ordered a "direct investigation" into this case, according to Xinhua Chinese news agency. The researcher, trained at Stanford in the United States and explained the running of a specialized lane in the genome in Shenzhen, used the Crispr-Cas9 method, known as " genetic scissors "that lets you go away and instead of unsustainable parts of the genome add a computer ban.

The babies, known as "Lula" and "Nana", were born with an in vitro product of modified embryo before being introduced into a maternal uterus. "Just after the human sperm was inserted to the top, Crispr-Cas9's protein embryo relies on changing gene to protect the women from HIV disease in the future," he explained Jiankui.

Test set out

DNA can be altered to cause disease to be avoided, but this is a problem because the genetic changes are inherited by the new generations and a new type of drug may occur. The MIT Technology Review stated that technology has "ethical responsibility".

This medical test was reported before the beginning of a conference of genome experts in Hong Kong when China's researcher needs to give his findings in detail. However, following the complaints received, it will not be assaulted in this genetics communication. The diagnosis of this self-deception was not independently verified. The Chinese team did not publish the results in a scientific magazine.

Use "real problem"

After the statement, many Chinese scientists and scientists criticized this test. The university where it works I have told him that he stopped his salary from February and he considered that fertilization by a modified genera represented "a" ethical criteria of the academy and its usual ".

"This research was carried out outside the university framework," said the University of Science and Technology in South Carolina in a Monday report. The Chinese scientist published a joint statement to criticize the test and require that in vitro roofing legislation be amended.

This medical test had been recognized for a while, but a scientist did not use it because "no one can cause the uncertainty of the changes genetic sin, "a & # 39; This criticism of scientists criticizes that; believe that the "Pandora box" was opened.

In addition, international researchers criticized the release of the news through a YouTube video. "The production of these results in the YouTube video is a difficult scientific use," a & # 39; Nicholas Evans, a professor of philosophy at Massachusetts University of Lowell in the United States, works on biotechnology issues. "This moves away from the control processes that have many scientific advances that fall, such as peer evaluation," he said, to investigate AFP.

Whether it is named or not, the topic will "seriously be serious," said Sarah Chan, from the University of Edinburgh, known as the Science Center for Science. "It's likely to make such applications, most likely trying to disagree (…) inconsistent," he said. Jiankui did not answer the AFP questions immediately.

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