China expresses its price for historical exploration of its side. moonlight


A Chinese spacecraft aims to build its moon on a historical mission.

The rocket, which was launched on Saturday, has a serial behavior set to making its first soft on the other side of the moon, reporting that the Scottish Government is going to; run Xinhua News Agency.

Although another spacecraft has been searching beyond the moon from the # 39; disappeared, the move allows more detailed study on the surface of the moon. It is expected that the probe will go down early in January.

If you're trying to do a Pink Floyd joke, remember this: "The horizontal side we can not see from Earth just gets a sun that is seen as the side we see. In fact, there is the darkest side of the moon that is pulled away from the sun at any time, "said NASA.

Dark or not, exploring the opposite side of the moon with its own challenges. For one, its moon will impede direct communication between the probe and researchers on Earth. To get around, China relay stars launched in May to allow the test to stay in contact with the sciences. Implementing the National Security of China Administration, Xinhua The current objectives set out the aims:

The scientific actions of Chang's e-4 mission include radical radio analysis, which explores the land and landscapes, and Finding the mineral shaped structure and the surface of the river's surface, and its neutral radiation measurement and neutral atoms to monitor the environment over the moon.

These dimensions will be made easier from the moon as it will be a major shield against an electromagnetic attack coming from Earth. Smithsonian magazine there will also be reports that biological aspects are explored – silk worms, eggs and potatoes are on board for scrolling and visual exams.

Success is successful, China's plans to launch the fifth Chang's mission next year collected symbols of the surface of the moon and brought them back to Earth.

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