China investigates investigative researchers following a genetic engineering that has been said


On YouTube, he told Jianku that he had prepared genealogy at both dads. With the help of the crystalline technology called this, the generator should publish a gene and change the genome so that their children can. anti-HIV. The father's father receives HIV diseases and it is said that the procedure is protecting children from the virus.

It's been a great deal of belief since & # 39; and it is a ban in the vast majority of countries in human genetics to change greatly and also to allow the embryo to switch to an individual.

Chinese authorities now launched an inquiry to the researcher saying they are very worried about the research, reports, among other things, The Guardian and Sky News.

At the same time, the university says where He Jianku works because he does not know his research and has been vacant since February 2018, and will be there until 2021.

"This research was led by researcher He Jianku outside the school," said the university in a statement, according to The Guardian.

The university wants it Jianku Search for "great return".

He did not make any evidence on Jianku that he has his inquiry. It does not know how to address the & # 39; criticized because it has been unrealized since its criticism began to be transmitted over it.

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