China is preparing a mission to collect space space on the far side of the moon


BEIJING – China was preparing to launch a new resolution early Saturday to move space space outside of the moon, and show its ambition that was; continues to become a spatial power to compete with Russia, the European Union and the US.

With Chang's mission 4, China is hoping that this is a # 39; The first country that successfully entered such a way. The dark side is the name that is on the far side of the moon because it looks away from Earth and is still unconnected, with different copying from sites on the side far, where the previous initiatives are ashore.

If successful, the mission attempted to scratch on the Long March 3B rocket will be a Chinese cinema program recommended to a prominent place in one of the most important areas of pool inspection.

China brought Yutu, or "Jade Rabbit." rover on the five-year horizon and expects to change the Chang Chang 5 in the next year and return to Earth with samples – a & # 39; The first time it is made since 1976. The mission of crew pictures are also considered.

Chang 4 is also a combination of land rover and will scrutinize above and lower than the surface of the moon after the skin of Von Karman's skin; The South Pole-Aitken Ocean follows a 27-day journey.

He also produces radio-based surveys, as & # 39; and the far side is always away from Earth, it will be "free from the introduction of ionosphere's planets, human-made radio frequencies and aralitarian radiation sound," wrote the expert Spanish businessman Leonard David on the website.

It may also behave plant seeds and silkworm eggs, according to the Xinhua News Official Group.

Chang is the moon's diary in China's folklore.

China's first crew room mission in 2003, was made in the third country after making Russia and the US. He placed a pair of space stations into orbit, and one of them still works as a pre-station station to a station exceeding 60 tonnes to come online in 2022. Designed how Mars rover was launched for mid 2020s South-

In order to make communication between Earth rulers and the Changes 4 campaign easier, China's satellite back dated Queqiao, not "Magpie Bridge," added a Chinese old story.

China's program of business has benefited from cooperating with Russia and European countries, although it was sent out of a 420-tons international Spey Station, largely due to the legislative distribution of SA is a co-operation among its concerns about its strong military connections. His last year's last year was also last year's launch of the Long March 5 rocket.

Jane's most recent intention continues to continue to be in a position. welcomes the NASA InSight spacecraft on Mars Monday, at a site of less than 400 miles (640km) from an American rover attack, the only other tool on Mars.

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