China launches an underground hotel in the world


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Room rates are $ 489 to $ 547 / night. Photograph: AFP

The $ 2 billion project, which is located 88 meters below the ground, is named after the Shimao Minerals Hotel.

"It's a fantastic opportunity for me to have a big idea to reconstruct the term," said Martin Jochman, architect of the Shimao Mines Hotel. relationship between town and nature ".

The Shimao Fossil Mine has 2 floors on the ground, and the lower two floors totally submerged a lake around the site. In the 336 rooms, there is also a restaurant, athletics …

This launches a video of the new hotel (source: RT).

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A shopping center will be built at this location in 2019. Photograph: AFP
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The room is surrounded by loch water at the Rock Shimao Hotel. Photograph: AFP

The quarry where the underground hotel was built during World War II and closed in 2000 due to new environmental protection regulations. Owners say that the Shimao quarry is capable of the erosion of earthquake.

In 2016, China has the second highest building in the world when the 632-meter highway Shanghai Tower with 128 floors started in the financial district of the town.

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