China produces a & # 39; The first life ever made on the Moons surface


China is embedded in human history books because its first ever-developed biological life is on its surface; Grampian.


China has recently launched its space mission with the title & Changes 4, the mission's mission is to successfully experiment on the far side of the moon to inform collection and exams that have not been done before. There was a successful soft arrow Chang & 4 & # 39; And inside her car there was a soil containing potato seed and potato seed, meat and fruit eggs. Now, news from China has been brought back to China from news crafts that cotton seeds have now grown their ears, marks "Completing biological biology experiments on moonlight".

Why is this relevant and important? Well, now we have a certainty that biological life can start to grow in levels of problematic differences, and it is a choice of future warriors to be able to; Growing the moon to grow naturally food in controlled habitats. This would be useful when the human race decided to start the construction of its moonlight infrastructure with its & A main objective in using a & # 39; moonlight as a sports port to travel to Land to Mars or on planets around.

This is the result of Professor Xie Gengxin, the principal examiner, "We have considered future survival. By learning about the growth of these plants in a very important environment, let us establish a foundation to establish our space base in the future."

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