China reached its moon and showed the hidden images of the satellite


January 3, 2019

The Asian country plan is to carry out audits of radio, crops and mineral resources in the area. The importance of this event in the opinion of Diego Bagú, Planetarium Director of City of La Plata.

Dark side of the moon

China was landed for its first time in history on the hidden Earth satellite side. The truth was expressed by the Asian space group, who was share their first images of the amazing region.

The boat is informal "Chang & e-4" It was launched on 8 December and went into a Sunday integrated laundry platform on Sunday, according to the Chinese National Space Administration. Finally, today, he affected the surface of the moon and started work.

Its moon was measured in a complex manner with the light times that reach the unpublished part of the satellite. It was essential that the configuration model and the gear vehicle would work best.

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The probe sent to its moonlight by & # 39; landed in the large skin of Von Kárman, located in the Aitken bay at the South Pole. After coming he brought a series of pictures and sent them to a Chinese group. This is the first images of this face that can not be viewed from Earth.

From the Chinese Group they hope to be able to analyze this land, the locally-registered respite and the opportunities to do it; crops, as well as knowing their mineral resources. In all this, more tools may be provided to inform the sources of the satellite.

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The purpose is also to develop other scientific experiments. For this, there are silkworm eggs, potato seeds and flowers.

It is expected that China will next year review the "Chang 5", with the intention of & # 39; taking samples of new and # 39; moon and taken to Earth for inspection.

The darkest dark side of the moon

In a conversation with Radio Mitre, Diego Bagú, Planetarium Director of La Plata Town, the importance of this historic event.

"This is the first time you can come down in a controlled way on the hidden side of your moon", the rebellion said and added: "It is important from the scientific idea because it is not clear from Earth that there is no barrier from the radio frequencies created in our planet and has a cleaner spear. This allows a much more interesting study on its & # 39; wider geography"

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