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There is a law conference between International China Rubber (2104-TW) and Xinchanghua (4725-TW) under the Taimu Group on Monday (19). International China Rubber has been running a quarter quarterly a year. Can a & # 39; fourth quarter? It is expected that the renewal and vision for its quarterly and next year will be the focus of the legal person. Although the third quarter of the letter is beneficial for the third quarter, profit performance is more than 80% lower than that in the second quarter. The show with a market also has a & # 39; get a lot of attention.

The international rubber company, known as China's former Rubber, was based in its business in mid-October this year and was converted into a trading company. Among them, the soot industry was divided into "advanced Linyuan Company" and a biotechnology company was introduced to a "Full-speed Company", 2 companies. They are all 100% subsidies that share a section of the Corporate Head of China Head.

At present, the three international oak businesses incorporate soot, biotechnology and a battery industry. In the India sweep industry department, Indian plantation is converted to profit last year and will expand the production in two phases. It is anticipated that there will be 150,000 tonnes initially, and the second phase will be extended to 450,000 tonnes. He is confident that he will help black carbon to invest in India. Industrial transformation. The US distribution industry is consistently maintained, and also plans to build a new plant with an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons in Europe and the United States.

In a battery business, Nengyuan Technology, who is responsible for the & # 39; a lithium battery industry at International China Rubber, moved to the first quarter of this year after the demand for online orders increased. Last year, its monthly battery capacity was 2.5 million, and the original product capacity was fully valued. In the second production line, the work is expected to increase by season. It is expected that the 10 million production capacity at the end of the year, and the second plant will continue. In August, he will go into the Uber supply chain and enter the R & D plan at the vehicle. Painting, optimistic next year's operational vision.

China Rubber three-quarter net profit after a 1.02 billion yuan tax, 63.84% increase, net profit after a 1.5 yuan fee; a & # 39; The first three quarters of net profit after a 2.634 billion yuan tax, an annual increase of 36.6%, net profit after a tax of 3.88 yuan.

Since the beginning of this year, Xinchanghua's imbalance between supply and market demand has been easier, supply and demand have tired, and oil prices have risen to support product prices, drive Its operational performance to climb. In the second quarter, profits have risen high in the last seven years. Judgment from a provider's location; market, after the new Middle East network has been involved this year, it is expected that the Indian and Chinese markets will have 690,000 tonnes of production capacity next year, which may be a more soluble supply situation, but next year, when a new plant is not completed and submitted to representation The situation can be resolved.

In addition, to improve the level of capacity usage, Xinchanghua also introduced cyclohexanone products into the OEM industry and developed electronic electronic etetone, cyclohexanone and other special epoxy ro-engine (SMA) materials to enhance its competitiveness.

The net advantage of the third Xinchanghua quarter after a tax of 29 million yuan, a net profit after a fee of 0.1 yuan per department, has benefited three-quarters apart, and turned over the same period last year; The first profit after a tax tariff of 324 million yuan, a tax outlet net per share 1.11 yuan, better than last year.

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