China successfully prepares Jade Rabbit 2 Rover on the South Side of Gealaich


For the first time in history, active mobile provision is on the other side; moonlight.

At 10:22 p.m. Beijing's time in Thursday, January 3, was talking on a soft surface; moon on snow after reducing down the path to & # 39; coming from Chang 4 on land, according to the state broadcasting CCTV, and how the Associated Press was removed. The rover was used for 10 hours after the Chang & Sea 4 fleet went on its moon.

Now the first time in history is that active mobility provision is on the other side; Ghealaich – a huge achievement for the Chinese National Spin Administration (CNSA) and the country's predominance program.

"It's a small step for the rover, but one giant jump for a Chinese nation," said Wu Weiren, the main designer of Lunar Show Project, to CCTV. "This great shift is an important move to explore the extent and how the ceilidh world is banned."

Simple words, be sure, but the real meaning of this statement appears to be lost in translation; By "conquering" in the acronym, it seems that Wu is a " Speaking on humanity that is a human being; growing over nature, and not a kind of plan to meet a galactic empire. Anyway we hope.

Chang 4's onshore has a photo that shows the six-wheeled rover and a # 39; Sitting well on the surface of the moon with a pair of trace marks behind him. Just in front is an ominous hole, almost certainly skin. This image, along with others built shortly after landing, has been the first close images ever taken from the other side; moonlight. We say it because we have never been opposed to Earth. Our moon is locked quickly, which means that one side is look at the planet forever. It is uncertain that the "dark side" of its moonlight is " because the rays of the sun get out of their room; Moon out

Each of the rover's wheels are independently directed, and so Jade Rabbit 2 can move out if one or more wheels are suddenly broken down, AP reports. The rover can increase the barriers of less than 20cm (20 centimeters) and the mountains faster than 20 degrees. Its maximum speed is about 200 meters per hour, or just over one-eight thousand miles per hour

Back in 2013, Sony used a Yutu rover, or Jade Rabbit 1, on the horizon as part of Chang's mission 3. This is a & # 39; The first launch of the Moon Moon study from the Lunokhod 2 Soviet system 1973, but the Yro rover enabled its ability to move after two lunch nights.

Together with the Chang 4, Jade Rabbit 2 collects scientific data to help scientists learn more about the early situations of the Solar Solar, to use ice use, to study to make the relationship between sunflowers and surface; moon, and become increasingly important, among other scientific aims, according to CNN.

Another cool about this purpose, as AP said, is that the CNSA uses innovative technology in which the spacecraft "has been created" is converted to its surface; moon before he came ashore, choosing the safest place on land. That has never been done before.

As well as collecting valuable scientific data, Jane also has a & # 39; investigate and develop the technologies required for crew resolution for the moon. Beijing has told him he wants to build a base on the surface of the moon.

Indeed, Jane starts to & # 39; Last confirmation as a nation's ability to place, and it is fast to capture up to the United States, Russia, and the European Union. Personally, I think it's brilliant that other countries have entered the Spanish race race intensely, and if it encourages other countries to be in a hurry, maintain and develop new technologies, better. Sometimes, a bit of competition is a good thing, as long as it is directed in the right way.

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