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China's disasters on US Accidents dropped to a minimum in more than a year when Beijing struggled to reinforce the RMB exchange rate – the money is a huge pressure from the war. Relations of China.

Bloomberg decided to release data released by the US Finance Department on November 16 to show that China's Department of Treasury Bills, Government food and bills fell for its purpose. fourth month in a series in September. $ 1.15 trillion, from $ 1.17 trillion in August.

China is still a largest creditor in America, and Japan has been paying US debt unchanged at $ 1.03 trillion.

The data is coming forward to a meeting this year's end in Argentina, between US President Donald Trump and President of Xi Jinping Xin to solve the trade wars between the two main- economy. the world.

Observers are still worried that China could significantly reduce the reservation of the US financial bonds in compensation for US barriers, but there are no signs of using Beijing "military".

Instead, the decline in China in a currency of the US is considered as a result of selling foreign resources to stop the yuan from being able to sell. fall further.

Over the past year, the yuan has decreased with more than 4 percent against the dollar as a signal to its. the economic downturn and adverse effects of trade war between the US and China.

In September, China's $ 22 billion foreign exchange funds fell to the lowest rate since July 2017, a signal that the Median Bank (PBOC) could sell foreigner money to be stable. local money price.

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