China will have spacecraft on the side & # 39; dark moon in the world first


Kenneth Moritsugu, The Associated Press

Published Thursday, January 3, 2019 5:57 EST

BEIJING – China's launch program launched its first day on Thursday: a & # 39; going on the dark side of the moon.

There are three countries – the United States, the former Soviet Union and China – have placed a spaceship near the moon, which faces the Earth's face, but this is the first place ever on the other side.

The Chinese National Security Administration says that 10:26 a.m. Recycling of 4 Chang Traders "opened a new chapter in human lunar research."

A photograph taken at 11:40 a.m. and restored by Chang 4 to show small skin and non-fertile surface that seems to be illuminated by light by the lunar inspector. His name comes from a Chinese diary that has been in the & # 39; lived on the moon for thousands of years, according to the story.

The landing is a ambitious assignment that is in place; continues to grow in China to counter the US, Russia and Europe in the area, and more widely, to strengthen the nation's position as a regional and global power.

"The space dream is part of the dream to make China stronger," President Xi Jinping said in 2013 shortly after being head of China.

In the end of the year's boundaries, the Chinese media and the officials announced the Dec. 8 of Chang 4 is one of the main achievements in the country in 2018. The CCTV state broadcaster published on Thursday on Thursday to " public at the top of a daily news.

"In total, China's spoon technology still bends behind the west, but by landing on the far side of the moon, we have raced in front," said Hou Xiyun, Professor of Refugee and Space Science at Nanjing University.

He said that China has Mars, Jupiter and asteroids in her sights: "There is no doubt that our country will go longer and longer."

In 2013, Chang 3, who had previously attended his craft, wrote his & her; The first moon on land from the 24th Soviet Union Moon in 1976. The United States is the only successful country to reach the moon, although China also believes crew intentions.

For now, he hopes to send a Chang 5 to his next year's moon and if he's a & # 39; Return to Earth with samples – this has not been done since the Soviet era in 1976.

There is a different difference to the other side of the moon that is not explored beyond, where the previous initiatives are ashore.

Chang & 4, which are together and rover, and # 39; carry out a rational analysis and analyze the structure and shape of mineral minerals above and below the surface.

"And it's a rare and quiet place in the far side of the moon that is free from radio signals from Earth," said spokesman Yu Guobin, according to the Xinhua official group News. "This probe can often show the gap of folklore in radio stars and provide important information to explore the origin of stars and develop nebula."

One challenge is to work on the other side of the moon that communicates with Earth. China satellite soldier launched in May so Chang can restore 4 information.

China first created a crew place in 2003, and is now the third country that would do after Russia and the USA. He put a pair of space stations into orbit and plans to launch Mars rover in the mid 2020s. Suffering a spyware program on its & # 39; Last year and year by & # 39; leaving the March March 5 rocket.

Wu Weiren, principal designer of the Lunar Jane Prosecution Project, who named a trailblazing milestone.

"It's a dream to have spatial power we continue," he said in a CCTV interview at the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control and Control . "And we'll slowly get it out."

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