China will open up current baby search


China ordered to investigate Chinese scientists' claims that claimed that their firstborn children had changed genitally in history, a "senseless" act with many induction.

He is on Jiankui, a professor at the University of Shenzhen, in the Guangdong department (south), which was released in YouTube on YouTube on YouTube, a "couple of weeks ago" of two daughter-girls who had been modified by the DNA so that they would be better than a virus. Aids

"We have asked the health authorities in the Guangdong Department to open up a detailed inquiry to establish the truth," the National Health Commission responded on Monday night, saying "a very important" to this issue.

He sent to Jiankui a fine voice from the world's scientific community, including the center of the researcher, the University of Science and Technology, who gave him permission and said he was "extremely awesome ".

The geneticist, trained at Stanford University in the United States and who runs a genome lane on the genome in Shenzhen, says he has used the CRISPR / Cas9 technology, the "genome scissors ". It allows to remove and disable; Introducing incredible parts of the genome, because they are typing a failure in a computer.

The Lulu and Nana couples were born from in vitro bred from modified embryos before they went into a maternal bride.

This psychotic drug case has not been confirmed since the Chinese team's findings have not been published in a scientific magazine.

More than 100 Chinese scientists, mostly of biological experts and doctors, say it is "crazy", which is "a huge hit on world reputation and the development of biological research in China. "

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